The Best RC Cars for Beginners

Best RC Cars for Beginners - Bigfoot Electric CarThe question of what the best radio control car for beginners is a good one. It is a question with multiple answers. We cannot just say it is this car or that car. The truth is it kind of depends who the beginner is and what circumstances they are in.

You could for example be a 10-year-old beginner who has limited pocket money. You will want to buy an easy to charge electric model that costs less than £30.

You could be a single adult with a large disposable income. You can buy a more expensive model but without knowing the first thing about RC Cars you are probably still going to buy a chargeable model.

Or you maybe someone with the same disposable income but your friend knows everything there is to know about RC Cars and is going to help you. In that instant a nitro or petrol powered car maybe more the thing.

The results for each of these people is going to be something totally different – for that reason on this post we are giving you several examples of what could be the best car as well as explain why and for whom it is the best.

Perhaps before we begin we should point out that the cars we sourced for this post are all from Nitrotek who are the number one online retailer or radio control cars. (Our Opinion).


Beginner with no Experience

As I said remote control cars for beginners come in many shapes and sizes depending on who the beginner is so lets start assuming that the beginner has no prior experience and no-one they can ask. In this situation no matter what your I’d recommend starting with an Electric RC Car. This is mainly because they are easy to charge but still great fun.

Below are three of the best electric RC Cars on the market. One for kids, one for

Best RC Cars for Beginners - Bigfoot Electric RC CarBigfoot 1/24 Electric RC Car 2.4GHz RTR – Army Hummer Truck

Description: If you are looking for a radio-controlled car for a kid then this is a lovely option. The Bifgoot 1:24 scale Electric RC Truck has everything a young child could need.

While this isn’t a big car it doesn’t need to be. It needs to be ready to run on carpet, drive and even garden and that is exactly what this car is. It arrives RTR and has 4WD allowing for it to keep your child occupied no matter where they are.

It maybe small and it may be ideal for a child but do not think it is low quality. This comes with a brushed motor, a 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and a 4.8V 220mAh battery. It has dimensions of 165mm in length, 128mm in width and 78mm in height.

PROS: Ready to Run, Four-Wheel Drive

CONS: No Cons if for a kid.

Conclusion: If your kid is a beginner to the world of radio controlled car then this little truck is ideal. We highly recommend it. If you kid is a little more experienced check out out Best RC Cars for Kids Guide.



Best RC Cars for Beginners - Flying Fish 2 Mazda Electric Drift RC CarFlying Fish 2 Mazda RXT Electric Drift Radio Controlled Cars

Description: This is a great car when the beginner is a teenager in part because it looks amazing. There is of course a lot more to it than just its looks although we know how important looks can be to many.

This car built by Hi-Speed is a 1:16 scale ready to run on road car that is perfect for those who want something that looks good and performs well on road with minimal setup.

One of the major features is its four-wheel drive (4WD) which gives this on-road vehicle great performance. It may not be any good on your local dirt track but there are other models for that. (see out next model)

With a brushed RC380 motor and a 7.2V 1100MaH battery it is a perfect car for any beginner. It has dimensions of 80mm in height, 265mm in length and 140mm in width this car is not the largest but plenty big enough for a newbie to the hobby.

PROS: Great looks, 4WD, RTR

CONS: On Road Only

Conclusion: This is a great purchase for a teenage beginner; in fact this is great for any beginner.


XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy

Best RC Cars for Adults - XSTR Electric RC BuggyDescription: The XSTR Electric RC Buggy is a great vehicle for getting into the radio-controlled world. It is actually great for anyone, but we have chosen it as the best RC car for adults because it has just a little bit more than the others offering great looks, speed, four-wheel drive capability and because it is off road it can drive on most surfaces.

The thing we really like about this buggy is that it is exactly what you imagine when thinking of a radio-controlled car. Big wheels, fantastic suspension and over the top colours that all combine to produce a car to be proud of. It is also a great stepping stone to the more powerful nitro and petrol-powered vehicles.

Pros – 4WD, Off-Road, Ready to Run and Fast, Easy to Maintain, Affordable

Cons – Brushed Motor

Conclusion: This is a great car (buggy) to start anyone off but is a particularly good car for adults. It isn’t the largest but it is close and with 4WD and its off road capabilities this car is a great starter car for any adult.


Beginner with Experienced Help

The majority of beginners will be more than happy with a chargeable model. A few however will want to go for something with more power and speed. If you are one of those people then these cars are more for you.

While these are harder to get going and to run if you have a friend who can help you then that would be very helpful. Alternatively you can check out our blog for some helpful articles.

Nitro RC Cars for Beginners

One of the reasons I do not generally recommend Petrol or Nitro RC Cars for beginners is that they involve liquid fuel. A child of say 10 is not going to be responsible enough to be safe. Of course a child has a parent that will fuel it for them then why not.

Nitro cars are fueled by Nitro fuel (What a shock) which is available from hobby shops. Below are our recommendations of the best nitro buggy and the best nitro truck – both perfect for beginners.


Backwash Pro Nitro RC Buggy

Backwash Pro Nitro Radio Controlled BuggyThis is the wonderful Backwash Pro Nitro RC Buggy which is a ready to run 1:10 scale off road buggy that looks great with its large shocks at the front, large wheels and bright aerofoil at the back.

This buggy is a race ready model with all the upgrades already complete. You simply cannot get a better buggy or a longer list of features – in effect this is the standard model with all the extra features but at a fraction of the cost of buying them separately.

Manufactured by HiSpeed which his one of the better-known RC car manufacturers it s powered by a .18 Nitro engine and has dimensions of 400mm by 160mm by 250mm.

Id you are a beginner looking for a Nitro buggy then this really is a great place to begin.


Bug Crusher Pro Nitro Remote Control Truck – Big Rig Version

Bug Crusher Pro Nitro RC Monster TruckWhile the choice for best Nitro buggy for a beginner above is good some people prefer to drive a truck and when you look at the monstrous wheels on the Bug Crusher here you can easily see why.

Note: This is the upgraded HSP Nitro Monster Truck.

I chose this truck largely because it has such massive wheels which is what a monster truck is all about. On a more technical point of view it is delivered ready to run with just fuel to add. It is 1:10 scale and is a four wheel drive (4WD) off road truck. In other words, this truck is awesome.

It has dimensions of 400mm by 185mm by 310mm. Please note this is without the body shell. With a .18 Nitro Engine this truck moves really well for something of its size and with such awesome tyres you know it will corner well.


Petrol RC Cars for Beginners

Stepping up from nitro fuel the petrol powered RC cars give you fantastic speed and acceleration as well as the power 26cc and 30cc engine can give you. Fueled by unleaded petrol just like your family car these vehicles are the pinnacle of the RC hobby.

I wouldn’t recommend these normally but if you do know someone who can help you or if you are safety conscious by nature then you really should get one. Below we have chosen the best buggy and truck models.


FS Racing Petrol RC Buggy

FS Racing Petrol RC BuggyStepping up from nitro engines we start with the 30cc petrol powered buggy from FS Racing. It’s engine offers hard acceleration and a top speed in excess of 50mph.

This buggy is 1:5th in scale with dimensions of 800mm x 430mm x 245mm with a total weight of 12.8kgs. It is two wheel drive and is classes as off road although you can still drive it onroad if you wish. It is delivered ready to run making it perfect for the beginner.

What I particularly like about this buggy is that it is a great looking model while still offering great performance as well. Other than being 4 wheel drive I cannot think of much else this buggy could have.


The Marauder RC Desert Truck

Just a quick look at the Marauder and you can get a feel for what you are getting. This is a beast of a vehicle that comes with size, power and speed. It has a 30cc engine and is ready to run. This will make it easier although there is still plenty to learn.

It comes as two wheel drive but can be upgraded and if you have the money you really must. The only real downside to this truck is that it doesn’t come with four wheel drive as standard.

Fueled by real life petrol and 2 stroke oil this is basically just a small car and because you don’t get to sit on top it will get up to amazing speeds. It has dimensions of 860mm long by 430mm wide and 300m tall. That is a big car.

If you like the look of the Marauder or want to know more then check it out – It is available from Nitrotek.

Are you looking to get into RC Cars as a hobby but have no idea where to begin? Do you want to know what model is the best but do not know a battery powered buggy from a petrol powered truck? If so then this the Best RC Cars for Beginners guide is for you.


For more information on the best radio control cars in general check out our Best RC Cars Guide.