Best RC Cars for Beginners

Best RC Cars for Beginners - Bigfoot Electric CarAre you looking to get into RC Cars as a hobby but have no idea where to begin? Do you want to know what model is the best but do not know a battery powered buggy from a petrol powered truck? If so then this the Best RC Cars for Beginners guide is for you.

We have more specific articles on the best RC Cars for kids and adults which we recommend as they may be more relevant. This article is going to be a general overview looking at a few of the best cars, who they are good for as well as looking at a few of the considerations for any beginner to think about.

There are three main types of remote control cars you can get. Each is different and it is helpful to understand how they are different. The three types are:

As this is a guide for beginners we will be sticking mainly to the battery/chargeable versions (Electric RC Cars). The nitro and petrol models are great for those who have a little experience. Feel free to check out our guides if you want to know more.


Best RC Cars for Beginners – But who is the beginner?

The other thing to consider is who exactly is the beginner. Who they are will determine greatly what remote control car is best. For example you wouldn’t give a 8 year old a petrol powered monster truck. At the same time would an adult want a small electric car with limited speed and range?

To make this a little more simple we have split this article into three main categories. They are:

  • Children
  • Teenages
  • Adults

We will make it clear throughout who it is best for so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible car. This is particularly important if you are buying a car as a gift.


Other Considerations

There is also a number of other considerations to make when buying a RC car. While you do not need to be an expert in radio controlled cars it is good to have a little idea of what you are getting into. To help you with this check out our jargon buster post. It will go into everything from whether your car is on road, off road, hobby grade and even if it is a drift car.


Best RC Cars for Beginners – Top 3 Cars

Below you can find our top car for a child, a teenager and an adult.


Note: We are still building this page so please keep checking back.

Best RC Cars for Beginners - Bigfoot Electric RC CarChildren – Bigfoot 1/24 Electric RC Car 2.4GHz RTR – Army Hummer Truck


Pros – Cheap, RTR

Cons – Small making it easier to lose in a family house, Brushed Motor


Best RC Cars for Beginners - Flying Fish 2 Mazda Electric Drift RC Car Teenager – Flying Fish 2 Mazda RXT Electric Drift Radio Controlled Cars


Pros – Looks Cool, 4WD, RTR

Cons – On Road, Brushed Motor


Adult –


Pros –

Cons –


If you would like to see more then check out our recommended merchant – Nitrotek.

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