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Best Electric RC Car Brand

What is the best RC car brand? What is the best RC car? Where can I go to buy them? These are all brilliant questions which I aim to answer so bear with me as I explain as fully as possible what the best brands and models are. 

What is the Best RC Car Brand?

Overall the best RC car brand based on design, performance, quality and price are Traxxas. They offer the very best RC cars you can get although there are many factors to consider.

How to decide what brand is best?

Like many things in life if you ask a question you will get many answers. This is the same with asking what the best car brand is. If you ask 10 people and they all give different answers you are no closer to knowing the answer. You just end up with a shortlist of possibilities. 

If on the other hand you ask 10 people and 7 of them give the same answer you know that it is highly likely to be right. That is how I looked at finding the best remote control car when I was looking – I did research to find the names of brands and models that kept coming up.

You too could go off and do your own research or simply read on at mine. I have already done the research so you don’t have to. This is what I found. 

Searching for the Best RC Car Brands

I went online and searched for the best RC Brands. Of course I went where everyone else goes – Google. I asked Google a few questions and looked at what it told me. I noticed that a number of brands kept coming up which cannot be a coincidence. Here are my results.

The first website I went to had a top 5 of RC Car Brands. They were:

  • Traxxas.
  • HPI Racing.
  • Team Losi.
  • Team Associated.
  • Duratrax.

As I said above that means nothing really. That could just be one persons opinion. So I looked at another website. They had a top 7 list. They were:

  • Traxxas
  • Team Associated
  • HPI Racing
  • Redcat Racing
  • ECX
  • Axial
  • Team Losi

Now it was getting more interesting. Traxxas, HPI Racing, Team Losi and Team Associated had all appeared in both lists. This was looking more promising but it is still only two sites – so I tried a third just to see. The results were:

  • Traxxas
  • Team Associated
  • Team Losi
  • HPI Racing
  • Redcat Racing

At this point my search was over. I now had a shortlist of four RC Car Brands that just kept on coming up – Traxxas, Team Associated, Losi & HPI.

The Best RC Brands

I guess it would be a copout to say that they are all great and leave it at that? Then again the truth is that each one offers different models with different looks, speeds and designs. What is best for one may not be for someone else.


Below are reviews of each of the four brands with suggestions of cars for you to look at. If you are new to RC cars then I recommend looking at them carefully and perhaps visiting their websites (links below) for further details.


The number one in ready to run models Traxxas offer cars, trucks, speedboats & helicopters. They offer some really exciting and innovative designs that are perfect for everyone from beginners right through to pros.

In business since 1986 they specialize in top of the range cars that are assembled and ready to run in minutes. Top models include the Traxxas X-Mass and the Traxxas Slash Ultimate VXL available from Al’s Hobbies.

Design, performance, durability and customer service come together to make Traxxas a marker leader.

Team Associated

Team Associated are another of the well known brands. Formed in 1965 they have grown into a major player designing and shipping thousands of radio controlled cars and their parts.

A specialist in racing vehicles in a variety of sizes and designs. With ratios between 1:18 and 1:8 there are many types including buggies, monster trucks and touring cars.

Team Associates really are a team to trust with designers creating everything you could need from the car through to packaging and manuals. Many of its staff are also fans so they know what works best.

What I like the most about this brand is that they have something for everyone from cars for beginners right through to some very high spec models.

Team Losi

Losi are another highly respected name in the radio controlled world. With over 100 years of experience their aim is to build quality vehicles using their own teams of engineers and product developers.

Like many of the top brands they are staffed by fans and enthusiasts so you can be sure that the cars provide a great driving experience whether you are after looks, speed or power.

HPI Racing

Last but not least there is HPI Racing. Another leading name that crops u all the time they have had great success over the last decade and for good reason.

They produce not just cars but planes too and are know for quality. There producce some very hi-spec designs such as the HPI Racing BAJA B5 2.0 which is ready to run from the off.

So which brand is best?

Well in my personal opinion Traxxas are the best overall but there is more to it than that. There are so many different types of cars from replica cars, buggy’s, truck, monster trucks and so on. There are on road and off road, electric, nitro and petrol powered. You can get 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and there is everything from 1:5th scale through to 1:24th scale.

No brand is best in every category. One may make the best trucks, one might make the fastest buggy’s. One could make the greatest replica cars which are really no good for off road adventures.

My advice is to look for a vehicle that matches what you want. Is it one of these brands? If so you can be pretty sure that your vehicle is of the highest quality. They are all top names in the industry and all for good reason.

You know the top brands. Now go and find your dream car.


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