Best Electric RC Cars

About Electric RC Cars

For those looking to get into remote controlled cars as a hobby or simply want to buy someone a fun gift there are electric RC cars. These are cars that are powered by a chargeable battery that can propel the car around your front room, driveway or even your garden with ease.

They are great fun to play with and can offer an easy entry into the overall hobby which is a lot larger – see Nitro Cars and Petrol RC Cars.

If you are looking to buy a fun gift for your son, daughter, niece of nephew for christmas or simply want a new hobby then the electric remote controlled cars are just the ticket.

On this page we look at a number of the best starting with the ready to run (RTR) models covering everything from 1:24 scale down to 1:8 scale. We then look at the self assembly models as well as the parts to a car and the benefits. There is a lot on this page that we hope will help people buy the right car for whatever their needs are. Let us get started.


Best Electric RC Cars – Recommended Models

Below are a number of ready to run electric RC cars with one covering each scale. There are many more available from our recommended merchant. You can learn more about that by clicking here.


Flying Fish 2 Mazda RXT Electric Drift RC Cars

Flying Fish 2 Mazda Electric Drift RC CarOne of the finest electric cars is the Flying Fish 2 Mazda Drift car which combines a sporty look with great performance. As you can see from the picture this car looks great but do not let that fool you – there is far more to this car than looks.

The car itself is 1:16 scale with dimensions of 80mm by 140mm by 265mm. It is delivered ready to run and boasts four-wheel drive and a brushed RC380 motor with a 7.2v 1100MaH battery with charger.

As cars go this is right up there. It is not really the best car for racing round tracks (it is on-road) but it is perfect for racing on hard surfaces like driveways and roads.


Hammer Electric Radio Controlled Truck 2.4Ghz


1:16 Scale – Hunter Truggy – Electric Radio Controlled Cars


Hunter Truggy – Electric Radio Controlled Cars 2.4GHz

Hunter Truggy – Electric Radio Controlled Cars 2.4GHzSo, you want a ready to run RC Car that is affordable but can still be used on and off-road. If that is the case then the Hunter Truggy – Electric RC Car fits the bill perfectly. It is the kind of car that you may buy as your first dip into the radio-controlled world or maybe something you would buy as a present. There are plenty of children who would love to open this on their birthday or at Christmas.

This model is the brother of the Trojan Buggy and boasts adjustable suspension, aluminium suspension shocks, waterproof ESC and high precision receiver and servo – both of which are waterproof. It has a powerful RC380 Engine to really give it a kick. Just charge the 7.2V battery and you are good to go.

It is a 1:16th Scale model with the dimensions of 280mm long by 191mm wide and 110mm tall. It is on the smaller end size wise but that is partly what makes it a perfect starting vehicle. The last thing you need to do as a beginner is to go out and buy a £400 petrol RC car that you just do not understand.

One of the main things that make this a good choice is that it is ready to run which means there is no assembly required. Whether it is furniture or toys many people do not like to do the building themselves which is where pre- constructed cars like this come in.

It comes with a brushed motor which although not as good as a brushed motor is plenty for a vehicle of this size. It has four-wheel drive which makes it perfect for off road driving. It can of course drive on road and has some superb grip on its tyres to help make that possible.

We have considered other reviews and the general theme is that this is a great car for someone to begin with. Some say it is great for children or adults to practice on before progressing to Nitro or Petrol Cars.



HSP 1:12 Scale 2WD Electric RC Buggy – Brushed Version

HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy - Pro Brushless VersionIf you are looking for an award winning electric RC car then take a good look at the HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy. This car was named the Auto Express Best Buy RC Car for 2016. It is a 1:10 scale four-wheel drive electrically powered car that can reach ridiculous speeds even off road. There is a lot to go through so let us begin.

The first thing to really talk about when looking at this car is to make sure that you know this is an upgraded car with a FSD 3300KV brushless motor, Lipo battery and Lipo charger. This shouldn’t be confused with the less powerful version which is powered with the NiMh battery. This is a tiny yet very important difference.

So, what does HSP XSTR Electric RC Buggy offer you?

One of the things we have heard mentioned time and time again is how fast the HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy is. There is a good reason for this – It is true. This car is really fast especially if you upgrade it from the 7.4 volt battery up to the 11.1 volt. In fact, it is important to understand that although quick it is also well built which is of course important for an off-road buggy. It will be going over jumps fast and will leave the ground. Impacts can take their toll so it needs to be strong and this model definitely has what it takes to survive the bumps.

A smaller consideration is the look of the car. You can see from the picture that it is black and blue. This can be changed to a blue and orange. This is particularly good if you are for example buying the same car for a brother and sister. Changing the colour could potentially stop arguments making it a consideration worth thinking about. I can see myself doing this in the future with my children.



HSP 2WD Electric RC Buggy – Brushed Version

HSP 2WD Electric RC Buggy – Brushed VersionIf you are looking for an affordable low cost RC Car to start your hobby with then this is a great option. It is the 1:12 scale HSP 2WD Electric RC Car which comes with a good number of features considering the price.

As well as being two wheel drive this buggy has a powerful Li-Po battery and a brushed motor helping to make it fast and fun. It has a 2.4Ghz transmitter so other peoples cars will not interrupt your fun. It also has suspension perfect for all your off-road adventures. This is a cheap electric rc car but that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It is a great value for money vehicle that will give you hours of fun.

Check out our full review but let me just say you cannot go far wrong with this buggy. It has everything you could want from a chargeable remote controlled car. Please note this car is ready to run.


HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro Brushless Version


HSP Electric RC Monster Truck – Brushed Version


Subaru WRX Style Drift RC Car – PRO Brushless Version

Subaru WRX Style Drift RC Car - PRO Brushless VersionThe Subaru is an awesome car. My brother used to have one and I can always remember the sound of its engine. You always knew when he had arrived. The car is one that turns heads, so it is no surprise that this the Subaru WRX Style Drift RC Car is so popular.

As you can see from the picture this car oozes style and class just like the real thing. Its black and blue design go well together, and the writing completes the familiar look. This picture is so life like it really could be the real thing.

Radio Controlled Subaru

If we look in more detail at this car we can see that it is packed with features. You can see a full list of features and a specification below. This car is also loaded with upgrades that make it a must for any enthusiast.

This is the PRO Subaru with a host of upgrades. This pro version comes with a FSD 330KV brushless motor and a Fullymax 7.4V 3500mAh Lipo battery making it extremely fast.

It is important to not confuse this with the brushless version that comes with the NiMh battery which is also available on the UK market. This version with the Lipo battery gives much more power.


Pros: Hobby Grade, Upgraded Battery and Motor, Fast, Good Looking, 4WD, RTR

Cons: Only for on-road


More Subaru Photos


Manufacturer: HiSpeed
Type: Drift RC Car
Scale: 1:10
Build: Ready to Run (RTR)
Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
Terrain: On-Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: RC Car
Motor: FSD 3300KV Brushless Motor
Dimensions: (H) 112mm, (L) 360mm, (W) 200mm

Note: Requires 8x AA Batteries for Radio Hand Set


1:8 Scale – Werewolf Brushless Electric RC Buggy

Werewolf Brushless Electric RC Buggy

The Werewolf Brushless Electric RC Buggy is the kind of vehicle everyone loves. It is a 1:8 Scale electric radio-controlled car that is brightly coloured and amazingly fast. It looks great which will get a lot of people’s attention but there is a lot more to it than just looks.

The car itself is 1:8th scale ready to run four-wheel drive car and as you can see from the picture it has stunning looks and wonderfully large wheels. This is an on-road vehicle which you can tell from the grip on the types amongst other things.

The buggy is 185mm in height, 505mm long and 310mm wide and weighs in at 3000g (3kgs). It has a brushless motor with a 11.1V Li-Po battery with charger and comes with a 2.4Ghz radio transmitter.

This car is recommended for ages 14 years and upwards.


Recommended Electric RC Cars – Self Build

Raptor RC Electric Truggy Brushed Version


Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy – Brushed Version

The most affordable of all the self build electric cars is the Raptor RC Electric Truggy which is a powerful speed machine. As you can see it has monster wheels that help its performance and a brushed 540 motor to help propele it around the track. It is officially a four wheel drive (4WD) off-road vehicle but in our opinion it can also drive on road if all you have is a drive or garden.

The dimensions are 330mm wide by 140mm in height a





nd 410mm long which probably makes a little more sense to you than just knowing it is a 1:10 scale. With its 2.4Ghz radio and its 7.2V Ni-Mh Tamiya battery you will get a great education in how these machines go together. The detailed instructions that are provided will help too.

There is not a great range of self build electric RC cars available but being the most affordable and so good looking we felt it was well worth including. Click on the link below for a full review.


For more information check out our Best RC Cars Guide.