Benefits of Radio Control Cars

Lots of people use radio controlled cars from 5 year old’s through to 40 year old’s. It is a growing industry thanks to some wonderful RC Car brands and the models they develop. There are however plenty of reasons why someone may want to buy, race, build or collect radio control cars. Below are the top 6 benefits of RC Cars.

Top 6 Benefits of RC Cars

It’ Fun

The primary benefit of any hobby is that it is fun. If it wasn’t then who would ever want to do it. Everyone has their own reasons for enjoying playing with RC Cars. For a child it may be fun to drive it under the dining room table, for an adult racing it round the local dirt track beating your best friend may be the goal. Whatever the reason hobbies but be fun and that is certainly the case with radio control cars.

Note: Hobbies have been scientifically proven to help with peoples mental health. When you are having a bad time maybe at work or in your personal life having a hobby or interest that allows you some down time is essential – RC Cars give you that.


As mentioned above for many the excitement comes from racing them round the local dirt track or trying to perform hard maneuvers around the race track in their back garden. Competition often increases interest. It adds an edge that simply makes it more exciting and enjoyable.

Remember competition can be about beating the opponent or it can be about beating what you did yesterday. It is good to improve your skills or knowledge. Competition is a good thing when done right as it is the fastest way to motivate yourself to improve.


Competition doesn’t mean that things have to be unfriendly. Meeting up with friends and going to race your favourite cars can be extremely social. Going online to chat in chat rooms or read the latest blog gives you things to talk about when you get together.

There is nothing more likely to get you attention than turning up to race with friends with a brand new monster car. I love the look of something like the Traxxas Slash Ultimate VXL.

Hand-Eye Co-ordination

One of the great benefits of using a controlled to control a car is the development of hand eye co-ordination. This is particularly great for children especially if they are young. A 5 year old who has just started school can really benefit from driving a car around.

What is great about it is that going left or right is simple enough when driving away from yourself. If it more complicated for the child when driving back towards you. A right hand turn for the car is turning left as you look and vice versa. Your brain needs to work this out. It may seen simple enough for an adult but this is a huge benefit for children. It is a skill they can take with them into life itself.

Family Bonding

My son got his first RC Car as a 3 year old for his birthday. He struggled to work the controls being the age he was (he was later diagnosed with dyspraxia which explained a lot). It meant that I got involved in helping him. Over time he got better and I got more interested.

A year or two later I had bought my own car and I was driving with him around our little close. A year after that my daughter was old enough and she wanted to join us. We bought her an chargeable electric powered car and my son got a similar model (His car was getting a little old).

We have spent some really fun times driving around together often while my wife keeps watch for real cars. It has really helped with family bonding. I would recommend them for this reason alone.

Developing an Interest & Skill

There are plenty of benefits for children within this post but what about adults? Sure the fun and excitement is for adults but family bonding and learning co-ordination are much more for children. Here is a great one for adults – you can develop an interest and skill.

Radio Control cars come in many designs. Children and beginners should start with a chargeable model (Electric RC Car) as these are the easiest to maintain and the most affordable.

Once you have more experience and are sure you find the hobby enjoyable you can progress. You also need to be of a particular age. Nitro Cars are a step up and powered by nitro fuel. I wouldn’t recommend these for young children but teenagers should be OK.

Once a adult you can progress onto Petrol RC Cars and at this point you really do reach models with speed and power. This is where it becomes a hobby and maybe even an obsession.

Nitro and Petrol powered models are typically purchases as ready to run (RTR) but that is not always the case. You can get models that require assembly and that is a huge benefit. It takes an interest into a real hobby. for example it takes a lot of know how to build a car. It may not be your family car but it is still a car and all the parts must go together just right if you want it to work.

This is the goal I have for myself. I want to be able to put a car on the table in the garage and to dismantle it, repair it and reassemble it with some nice upgrades or some flashy bespoke parts.

Thanks for reading

There you have it the top 6 benefits of radio controlled cars. Please feel free to check out the rest of this site including the blog section. It is a work in progress and it probably always will be. As I learn I will add to the site. I hope it is useful particularly for those new to the industry. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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