Benefits of Radio Control Cars

Benefits of RC CarsWe live in a world where people seem permanently attached to a computer, a games console or a mobile phone. We just don’t seem to go outside as much any more which is why driving radio controlled cars is such an amazing hobby. It isn’t the only benefit of RC Cars as this post aims to show. Below are the top benefits of using radio controlled cars.

Top 9 Benefits

1. It gets you away from the TV

The first hobby I mentioned above and it really is a big one. We do all spend to much time inside these days playing games that mimic the activities that we used to do. OK not the shoot um up games so much but look at the WII Fit. Why actually play tennis or go bowling when you can stand in your living room and make movements like you do.

This is where RC Cars come in. This actually helps get people out of the house. You can still twiddle your fingers but you will actually be controlling a physical object. Maybe you won’t be driving it quite like you may drive on Mario Cart but that is up to you.

Anything that gets people away from televisions, computers and games consoles has got to be a good thing.


2. It helps develop a child’s hand eye co-ordination

Your child learns a lot as they grow and one of the key skills is hand eye co-ordination. This is exactly as it sounds. The eyes and the hands have got to learn to work together and the only way to do that is to practice.

Driving a radio controlled car around turning left, turning right, driving round the neighbours dog, under the parked car and back out the other side while you wander down the road is going to be awesome practice.


3. It can be social

If you are lucky enough to be close to a track then having a RC Car can become social. You do not really even need a track; perhaps just somewhere that anyone with a car can go to drive around or race. This could be a local park.

The key thing is that a group of you can go and interact. You can look at each others cars and maybe even have a go on your mates latest purchase. If others come along you can even end up with new friends with the same interest. Perfect.


4. It can help family bonding

You may or may not benefit from the social element but there is definitely nothing to stop you from using it as a way to bond as a family. There are so many different makes and models from a small on road electric powered buggy to a petrol powered monster truck. No matter which member of the family wants a car there will be something for them.

It will then just be a matter of going out together either to the back yard or the local park and racing each other.

It could be a great way for a father and son to bond while the father helps to teach him about the workings (including dangers) of a petrol powered car.


5. Learn responsibility

Following on from the previous point you can learn responsibility with a radio control car. As a child grows so will the kid of car they want. They will not want a chargeable one for ever. Eventually they will want a nitro car or even a petrol powered vehicle.

When this happens they must learn to fuel it safely and to keep it in good condition. This is all good for helping them understand their responsibilities. Not everything in life is fun but if you take your responsibilities seriously fun is waiting for you next time you power up your car.


6. It is a hobby for life

I have spoken a lot about benefits for children. They aren’t all for children though. The remote control hobby is one for any age and any sex for that matter.

The petrol RC Car is basically like a miniature car and it requires caring and as I mentioned earlier responsibility. There is no reason an adult cannot enjoy it in fact they are probably built more for adults.

So no matter what your age there is a car with your name on it so buy one today and enjoy the fun that only RC Cars can give you.


7. It’s fun

Very simply put driving RC Car is fun and sometimes that is enough. We do not need to go into great detail as to why we find it fun we just need to get on with it and enjoy ourselves. For an adult having something they enjoy like this could be a great way to relax after a stressful day at work.


8. The Competition

I have put this one as second to last because it is not so beneficial however sometimes a little competition can help us improve.

Say we are racing our car when an older kid comes along with a slightly faster car. We need to learn to race our car even better if we want to beat him. If you learn to corner better and work out where the best places to pick up speed are you can improve the quality of your driving.

The competition helps to improve your abilities and that is a lesson we could all learn in life.


9. Lots to learn – especially about engines

As well as the fun that these cars give you it can also teach you a great deal. A petrol powered engine works in the same way as a standard car engine. There is nothing to stop you from learning to take an RC Car apart and replace parts. You can buy new parts to upgrade it if you like and you can even buy kits where you need to build it yourself. All will help you to learn about engines which may even lead you onto full sized cars.


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