Is Radio Control and Remote Control the same thing?

If you are new to RC Cars then you may be a little overwhelmed by the complex terminology. One issue could be around the use of 'remote' and 'radio'. They may seem to be used interchangeably but are they actually the same thing? What is the difference? To understand the difference lets … [Read more...]

Benefits of Radio Control Cars

Lots of people use radio controlled cars from 5 year old's through to 40 year old's. It is a growing industry thanks to some wonderful RC Car brands and the models they develop. There are however plenty of reasons why someone may want to buy, race, build or collect radio control cars. Below are the … [Read more...]

Toy Grade Vs Hobby Grade RC Cars

There are hundreds of different types of radio controlled cars from buggy’s to trucks, on road and off, there is even an array of different sizes. What many newbies to the hobby do not know though is there are Toy Grade Cars and Hobby Grade Cars – but what is the difference? The simplest and … [Read more...]

Where to Buy Radio Control Cars

If you have just read through my guide to radio controlled cars for beginners you may be excited and raring to go. At least I hope you would be. Whether you have read it or not let us assume you are raring to go. There is just one problem – you need to buy a car. Well if that is the case … [Read more...]

Electric Radio Contol Cars

For those beginning to dip their toes into the ocean of radio controlled cars the electric RC car is the perfect place to begin. They are the most affordable cars, the easiest to power and with so many models available there is no doubt you will find the perfect model for you. Within this post I … [Read more...]

Nitro RC Cars, Trucks and Buggy’s

For those wanting to take a step up from electric (chargeable) RC cars there are Nitro cars. As the name suggests these vehicles are powered by nitro fuel and are generally faster and more powerful than their electric brothers. Within this guide I will go through and look at them in more detail … [Read more...]

Petrol RC Cars: Cars, Trucks & Buggy’s for Sale

Petrol Remote Control Cars are the largest, fastest and most powerful of any radio controlled car. They are cars for those with a serious interest in the hobby and the budget to back it up. Within this page I want to show a few of the best RC cars available offering a reason I feel they are … [Read more...]

Best Radio Control Brands

What is the best RC car brand? What is the best RC car? Where can I go to buy them? These are all brilliant questions which I aim to answer so bear with me as I explain as fully as possible what the best brands and models are.  Like many things in life if you ask a question you will get many … [Read more...]

RC Cars for Beginners

Are you looking to get into remote control cars but have no idea where to begin? Well you have come to the right place. Not so long ago I was in your shoes. I wanted a RC Car but had no idea what was hot and what was not. I didn’t know the difference between a electric buggy and a petrol powered … [Read more...]