About Us

RC Cars have come to be a bit of an obsession with us but it wasn’t always like that. Hello I am Colin and this is my son Jamie. Jamie is the reason for my interest in RC Cars and for this site as well really. Back when he was three he was given a radio controlled Lamborghini as a birthday present from one of my friends. He loved it. In reality it was a bit advanced for a three-year-old but daddy helped him to drive it – BANG I was hooked.

After that I began to watch YouTube videos, read articles and generally learn what I could about the difference between Electric RC Cars, Nitro RC Cars and Petrol RC Cars. I began to see just how much this hobby has to offer as well as how much there is to learn. I am getting into it quite late having just passed my 40th birthday but I don’t see that as a problem.

This site is a collection of reviews of what we think are some of the best radio-controlled cars around. We review them as well as offer guides to each type of car. On top of that you can check out our blog where we talk about anything remotely connected to RC Cars.

If you would like to ask a question or make a suggestion then please use the contact us page. We truly hope you find SimplyRCto be enjoyable, interesting and useful.