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Whether you are new to this superb hobby or researching what to invest in next, please read what we have below and our other articles through this site. There are three main types of RC cars which are electric, nitro and petrol so have a read of our guide near the bottom on what the differences are.

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Here are our favorite Nitro Vehicles –

Self Build Condor RC Buggy

Condor Nitro RC Cars MediumFirst comes the self build nitro rc buggy kit that has been a best seller since it was released nearly2 years ago and a fantastic way to learn how nitro cars and buggies work. Customers who have reviewed this buggy kit have given is so many 5 out of 5’s, there is no hint of this falling from the top spot.

These a so much fun to build and come with everything you need to build, learn and race your new nitro buggy. If you enjoyed Lego as a kid, then you will love this as it takes a good few hours to build, then the racing fun begins.

Inside the box you receive, you get a detailed manual on how to put this nitro rc buggy together with very clear step by step photos’s, all the parts needed as well as all the tools, lastly grease and oil.

This nitro buggy is extremely fast, capable of off road racing with a strong alloy chassis, shaft driven 4WD system and oil filled shock absorbers. The engine is a powerful Team Infinity.

As you may know, nitro rc cars come in a variety of differnet scales such as 1/8th, 1/10th and 1/16th scale which are classed as mini nitro’s such as this NB16 Mini Nitro Buggy.

This mini nitro is half the size of its 1/8th scale brothers and sisters but with the same fun and features, all built into a mini monster. You can race these around the garden as they are smaller, maybe the local pub or park. They are powerful, very fast and very cute to.

As mentioned, this NB16 nitro comes with a great range of features from aluminium oil filled shock absorbers, 4WD shaft driven system, Powerful GO .06 engine. See also Drift RC Cars like the Flying Fish drift rc car.

Electric Remote Control Cars

As you can tell , electric remote control cars run on a battery and are the variety of models you would have had as a kid or if you are still young, maybe have had as a present from your parents.

They run on a battery as already mentioned and can come fully built or you can find several different self build model kits online. Have a look at our self build page for more information on what’s available.

When you first receive your model, you will need to charge up the battery for a while before you can use it. This is done by plugging it into a mains socket in your home, then once fully charged you area ready to race. There’s usually no other configuration to do, apart from adding batteries to receive and transmitter but you will find full instructions for your particular model in the box itself.

Electric radio controlled (as well as nitro vehicles be it cars, trucks or buggies are very fast and can come as on road or off road varieties so capable or running on concrete if they are on road, or off-road meaning they can take on grass, sand and dirt.

The running time as in how long the battery will last before it needs recharging will depend on the vehicle itself and the battery. Very quiet compared to nitro and petrol rc cars, you can play with these outdoors without disturbing your neighbours with any noise. Great for beginners, of pretty much any age so a good way to start to learn about rc cars in general.
Nitro RC Cars

Once you have learnt all you can about the electric cousins of this range of models, you can move upwards to nitro remote control cars which as you can tell by the name, run on nitro fuel instead of a rechargeable batter as electric models to.

If you have a gadget or technical background, these maybe more interesting to you as a starting point rather then electric models as they do require a certain amount of time to get them started and maintain and repair them as time goes on, just like you do with your family car you drive.

As mentioned, these run on nitro fuel and are just scaled down models of real cars including shock absorbers, an engine, carburettor, exhaust and so on. The fuel itself you purchase from your local model shop so always best to make sure you have some spare so you do not run out when your model shop is shut.

To get a nitro car started, you use what’s called a run in procedure which you can find more info on, on our running in procedure article. Basically though, you need to make sure the fuel flows through the engine and removes any remains from when they engine was made. It also lubricates the engine and runs it in so it works smoothly, without a proper running in procedure a nitro model will not work properly, will stall a lot and not give the optimum performance that it will give once it has been run in properly.

Nitro remote control vehicles are much noisier than electric models so running it in your neighbourhood is ok, but an open area such as the local park of some kind of flat open area is better. Best of all a custom built rc race track where you can meet other rc enthusiasts.
Petrol RC Cars

These are the big daddy of the RC Hobby area coming in at 1/8th scales as a normal scale size and instead of running on nitro fuel, run on actual unleaded petrol that your family car runs on. – View our Petrol RC Guide here.

I won’t get into to much depth here as many visitors to our site are looking for actual models and already have the knowledge. Saying that, it is worth knowing that they use a combination or 2 stoke oil and the unleaded petrol so fuel the vehicles. They require maintenance and repairs when the time comes so good for people who are already used to having nitro cars and gained experience

Petrol RC Cars Info

When it comes to Petrol RC Cars, an amazing place to find them in the UK is Nitrotek. We have a powerful range of Petrol fuelled vehicles with our best seller for 2013 being the AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz that you can see below.

If you are looking at Petrol buggies for example, you will most likely have come from nitro cars and have some or a good amount of experience within the RC arena as it is.

Petrol RC Cars are very similar to Nitro’s in their internal workings, however are at a larger scale and run on unleaded petrol instead of nitro fuel. This is the same unleaded fuel which we fill our cars up with at the local garage, along with 2 stroke oil which you can also buy at any garage.

The models available at Nitrotek come with a fuel filling bottle which lets you know how much unleaded petrol combined with 2 stroke oil to fill your model up with.

Only just a few years ago, Petrol Buggies and Trucks would cost much more than they do to date. Costing over £700 they would set you back nearly twice as much as they currently do. This is due to demand so costs have been able to come down, but also the manufacturers being able to produce the RC Models in the UK instead of shipping the parts in from abroad

So here is the Best Seller – The AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz which comes with an aluminium chassis and parts such as the suspension and spur gear. Included is the 2.4Ghz radio equipment with a very powerful 26cc engine which over any terrain gives this petrol buggy tremendous power and torque producing speeds of up to 56mph which equates to 80kph.

At 1/5th scale, this is a big beast