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Radio Control Cars – Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a RC Car but do not know where to start? Well our Best RC Cars Guide will show you the very best models in 10 different categories so you can be sure of buying the very best model for you. There are so many models of remote control car out there it can be hard to know which one is best - that is where this guide comes in. We look at the 10 best radio control cars offering a short review as well as pros and cons of each one. You may also enjoy more specific buyer guides with … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Remote Control Car for Adults

After playing with a couple of battery powered RC cars I decided that I wanted to know more about how they actually work. I felt the best way was to build one for myself so I see what parts there are and how they all fit together. It was going to be a massive challenge to build my own - i did however need to decide first exactly what remote control car I was going to buy.   The Challenge: Build your own remote control car from scratch Very much like computers using them is very … [Read more...]


This is the Traxxas Revo 3.3 which is available from Als Hobbies. The Revo has most certainly changed my opinion when it comes to the standard and look of monster trucks. This monster truck has amazing looks that will inspire anyone to want to buy it no matter what their level of expertise. It does however come with a lot more behind the looks and the performance is after all a massive part of what counts. For a start it has formula one inspire suspension and that can’t be bad. This 4WD … [Read more...]

Radio Controlled Cars – A Great Christmas Present

With Christmas just around the corner parents up and down the country are thinking of what to get their children. While many may have the benefit of the list their children have sent to Santa not all have such a luxury. They have to work out what to give for themselves. Well why not consider getting them a radio controlled car?   What to Consider? There is a lot to consider if you are going down the route of buying a radio controlled car. Below are a number of considerations that I … [Read more...]

The Best Petrol RC Car?

When we spend money on anything we want to know we are getting the best. This is just as much the case when buying a petrol RC Car as anything else. This is why I wanted to write this post. In this post I talk about the model that I think is the best petrol RC Car available and why. The only question is do you agree? Please note the Marauder Petrol RC Car is a model sold by Nitrotek.   Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck RTR If you are looking for a ready to … [Read more...]