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Radio Control Cars – Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a RC Car but do not know where to start? Well our Best RC Cars Guide will show you the very best models in 10 different categories so you can be sure of buying the very best model for you. There are so many models of remote control car out there it can be hard to know which one is best - that is where this guide comes in. We look at the 10 best radio control cars offering a short review as well as pros and cons of each one. You may also enjoy more specific buyer guides with … [Read more...]

The Best Nitro RC Cars

Nitro cars are positioned nicely between Electric and Petrol in the radio controlled spectrum. Fueled by nitro fuel that can be obtained from model shops it has the power similar to that of a petrol powered car but is that little bit safer. We will discuss all aspects of Nitro Cars on this page with a particular focus on our recommended nitro cars. Recommended Nitro RC Cars - Reviews Below Attacker 1/8 Scale Ready to run Nitro RC Buggy Mighty 1/8th Scale Nitro Powered Pro RC Truggy … [Read more...]

The Best RC Cars for Beginners

The question of what the best radio control car for beginners is a good one. It is a question with multiple answers. We cannot just say it is this car or that car. The truth is it kind of depends who the beginner is and what circumstances they are in. You could for example be a 10-year-old beginner who has limited pocket money. You will want to buy an easy to charge electric model that costs less than £30. You could be a single adult with a large disposable income. You can buy a more … [Read more...]

FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter

One of the more exciting modern hobbies is the radio-controlled drones and with this the FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter it is easy to see why. This radio control drone has GPS and a camera mounted beneath for some really high-tech fun. This model does not need any complicated tweaking before it will fly. It is ready to fly from the moment you pull it from the box after a simple compass calibration and a gyro initialization. Actually, it isn’t ready to fly in my opinion but it is as close as … [Read more...]