Warrior Nitro RC Buggy Pro Version

Fully built and fully featured the all new Warrior PRO is ready to race nitro rc buggy.  It is a top of the range 1:8 scale four wheel drive off-road buggy. It contains many feature enhancements so that this great looking car really does look the part!  There are a few versions on the market […]

Mighty Nitro Powered Pro RC Truggy

This magnificent ACME Mighty Nitro Powered RC Buggy or Truggy is a true top of the range 1:8 scale off-road machine.  It comes fully built and is featured with many enhancements.  This car looks great and is truly the ideal model to own. This is the Pro version and enjoys the fitting of top quality […]

Remote Control Lamborghini Review

Review of the Remote Control Lamborghini Here is our review of the Remote Control Lamborghini from Nitrotek, a leading hobby retailer of so many RC models in the UK.  

Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck

Here we are going to have a closer look into one the Nitro RC Cars available today from many retailers within the UK and Ireland. The conquistador is a nitro powered monster truck suited to the more serious off road RC driver. If the thought of driving through mud, sand or any type of terrain […]

Maintaining Your Off Road RC Car

If you want your off road remote control cars to always perform at its peak it is important to maintain it. Maintaining your car in the correct way will ensure that your car will last longer. Firstly you should check your car for any damage also check that all the screws are tightened. You should […]

Building Your Own Cheap RC Cars

Self Build Cheap RC Car Kits Self  Build Cheap RC petrol cars are fast becoming a popular hobby for adults who are looking for an adrenaline filled and thrilling activity. Many people have moved into the world of building their own RC cars. These people often spend huge amounts of time making sure each car […]

Brushless Petrol RC Cars at SimplyRC

A Selection of Brushless Petrol and Nitro RC cars   Brushless Petrol RC Cars that are powered by Nitro have real combustion engines and even though they may be small they are extremely powerful. This enables these cars to reach thrilling speeds. Here we will talk about just a few of the nitro cars that […]

RC Petrol Cars in the UK – Reviews

Awesome Petrol RC Cars for Sale Looking for petrol rc cars? Please note – This site is in progress – All RC Cars can be found at Nitrotek When it comes to fun activities like Petrol RC Cars and other models, we all have different ideas. However, over the past few years more and more […]

RC Yama Buggy from AoWei Review – Petrol Powered – 15th Scale 26cc 2.4Ghz

Petrol RC AoWei Yama Buggy Review This is the 5th Scale Petrol RC Yama Buggy along with all of the accessories included in the box. Most of those reading this will already know that the buggy comes prebuilt, the only thing you do need to do is unbox it and assemble the rear wing with the […]

Getting Started with RC Cars

What Items are Required for a Nitro RC Car? There RC Hobby is a huge industry, with people taking up remote control cars as children who are now adults and still buying models, add-ons and accessories. All you need though to get started is the following – (this is mainly for ready to run cars, […]