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As a father of two young children I am particularly involved whether I wanted to be or not in the toy world. I am always looking for the next best toy for my children looking at how they will help my child’s development and how much they will cost me.

Some are educational like a bike teaching balance or a jigsaw puzzle teaching mental imaging. Some however are simply terrible.

I am no fan of games consoles, computers and anything else that keeps a child inside the house and does nothing to develop their imagination. There is also a big issue about creating children who needs instant gratification through computers, consoles and mobile phones.

This is part of the reason I love radio-controlled cars (and other vehicles) so much. While they do not work a child quite like a trampoline there are many benefits to anything radio controlled.

This site is my way of typing to help others whether they are hardened hobbyists or newbies to get the best vehicle for their needs. I do this through a series of buyer guides covering cars, helicopters, quadcopters, planes and even tanks.

However, before you search the buyer guides I have written why not read below and find out about the many benefits or the radio-controlled world. I bet there are more than you ever realised.


Radio Control: How I Got Started

My interest in the world of radio-controlled toys began when my son turned three. He was given a radio-controlled Lamborghini as a present from a work colleague. My son was a little too young for it at that point, but I was happy to step in and show him how to use it.

The car itself was a wonderful miniaturized version of the real thing although the range was extremely limited. Even so it was good fun to play with around the living room.

Jumping forward to my son firth birthday and what do you know? – He got a different RC Lamborghini. This one was really small but had a much better range and an easier controller – easier for a kid anyway. Again, I was happy to teach him how to drive it.

This was enough to get me interested in the world of radio-controlled gadgets. This was mainly cars, but I have enjoyed the odd flight around the living room with a RC Helicopter.

Radio controlled cars, helicopters and quadcopters are great fun especially when the whole family is involved. I have grown to love them as I am sure many others have.

That is where this site comes from. For more on the benefits read below.



Benefits of all things Radio Controlled

Improves hand eye co-ordination (Esp good for children)

Gets you out of the house

Good for de-stressing

Can be good for socializing

Competitive in a friendly kind of way

Learning about motors

Family Bonding

They are good fun



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