Welcome to SimplyRC, a website dedicated to the RC Models available at Nitrotek, where you will find reviews of all sorts of remote control vehicles from Petrol RC Cars to Mini and Fully Functionaly RC Helicopters. Our page here aowei-15th-scale-26cc-yama-petrol-rc-buggy-2-4ghz seems to be very popular at the moment.

These range from remote control cars for kids and adults to drone’s for proffesionals.

Within this site you will find an increasing number of useful guides on Getting Started with RC Cars to proffesional hints and tips.

Technology over the last few years has grown considerably,  so many models from Cars, Heli’s and Drone’s are very well made. However, you still find many low cost models which can be a waste of the money in your pocket.

The aim of SimplyRC is to guide you to great model’s but also one’s to avoid. Such as our 1500 word review of the Yama RC Buggy.

An example of this being the model below which we recently went to review, but it was fault at the word go –

So please have a look around for the model of your choicem and any feedback please do get in touch or contact us at our main website.