Hello and welcome to Simply RC my site dedicated to anything to do with radio-controlled. If you are looking to learn more about RC Cars, Helicopters, Planes or even Tanks or want a recommendation then this is the place to be. We review all manors of vehicles giving you the pros and cons of each one.

Radio controlled vehicles such as cars have been around for decades. I remember having them when I was a child and trust me that was some time ago now. It wasn’t a major hobby for me growing up but it has become so well into my adult years. I do remember watching some of my classmates at school driving a small nitro car around the school field.

This site is split into all the major categories starting with the three main categories of cars – ELECTRIC RC CARS,  NITRO RC CARS & PETROL RC CARS.

As well as that we will be adding categories for RC helicopters, Quadcopters, RC Tanks and even RC Planes as well as having individual reviews for each recommended vehicle. If you want the best then SimplyRC is the place to come.

Radio Control – The Categories

Before looking at each individual post why not take a moment to have a look at each category that this great hobby offers. The main categories are shown below.

Radio Control Cars

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The Benefits of Radio Controlled Vehicles